Weight Management / Weight Loss

Would you like to lose weight and manage to stay trim?     Hypnosis is a great way to lose the extra weight and become trim again.  Diets do not work for many people because they feel deprived of enjoyment and once they are near their weight goal the old bad eating habits can creep back in.  With hypnosis we help change those bad habits into healthy ones so the weight loss can be permanent. 

Sometimes the subconscious mind has been programmed to believe that you need to be overweight and will actually work against your conscious desires to be trim.  This can be due to past experiences or even simply something that was said to you, perhaps as a small child.  Once again, there is probably nothing more effective than hypnosis for changing that subconscious programming.   When that program has been changed, the inner battle is gone and it becomes so easy to take the weight off once and for all.

More often overeating is for reasons other than hunger.  Consider how often you may be reaching for food for reasons such as boredom, depression, anxiety, stress, reward, companionship, time of day or other reasons.  These can be stimulants that trigger a habit mechanism in the subconscious mind.  With hypnosis it can be a fairly simple process to change these habitual responses.  Hypnosis is also wonderful for building feelings of self-esteem and self confidence which will go a long way in creating desire and motivation to be healthy and trim.

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Weight Management / Weigt Loss