The followings are some of the practical uses of Holistic Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Purpose in Life: Many people in today's society feel unfulfilled personally and/or professionally, want to move in a new direction that is more compatible with their feelings and true nature. It is possible to connect with those parts of ourselves that seek greater expression and to establish a more stimulating and rewarding direction for our lives and work with them.

Healing Issues: Many difficulties in our daily lives are linked and triggered with unresolved past issues. By bringing new light to these old patterns, we can resolve and heal them, freeing ourselves to focus more on our true purpose and to lift ourselves and find meaning and direction in our present lives.

Weight Management: Making the changes needed to reduce weight successfully and free ourselves from a behavior often requires more than simple willpower, especially when the hidden motivations for the behavior are locked in the subconscious mind. With hypnosis, we can understand the motivations, address them and free ourselves from them and establish a new healthy way of life.

Grief: The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in life. Months and even years may go by without the acceptance and understanding that will allow us to move on with our lives. Uncovering our subconscious feelings and resolving our emotions can help us to heal the wounds, bring a greater appreciation of the relationship we had and speed us on the road to balance and recovery.

Performance: Our ability to succeed at work, sports, personal life or pleasure may be sabotaged by hidden agendas, self-saboteur, and limitations which can be released and resolved to allow us to achieve our full potential in whatever activities we choose to undertake.

Personal and Spiritual Growth: Each person reaches a point in their growth where they want to participate consciously in awakening spiritually. There are ways to contact the higher parts of ourselves and receive the guidance that can lead us on the path to enlightenment.

Relationships: Many of us have subconscious patterns that prevent us from benefiting fully from and enjoying the relationships we have, or, in some cases, prevent us from establishing meaningful relationships. By uncovering these patterns and coming to a new understanding of them, we can allow ourselves to experience deeper and more lasting relationships in our lives with ourselves and others.

Mind-body Connections: There is a link between the mind and body, and in many cases, through the experience of illness or discomfort, our bodies are trying to tell us something or relay an important message to us. Discovering, understanding and acknowledging the message is an integral part of establishing more radiant health.

Male/Female Issues: Each of us has both a masculine and a feminine side that need to be in balance to experience life fully. In today's society, it is a challenge to establish that balance and to allow both aspects their full expression, whether we are male or female. Balancing the male and female aspects of ourselves allows us to more fully experience our true identity and purpose in life without compromising our sexuality.

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